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Water Jet Cutting

A Strong Innovative Company

Wolverine Machine Products, after 79 years located at its present site, looks forward to the new century with confidence. We are proud of our past and look forward to a prosperous future as we continue to remain fiscally responsible and competitively aggressive.

Wolverine Machine Products Company is dedicated to meeting customer requirements, special needs, and delivery schedules. We focus on understanding our customer’s current and future needs in order to assist customers in meeting their requirements and goals. Our management team is flexible and has the experience, ability, and resources to accommodate changing market requirements and customer expectations.

We have developed a “Customer Survey” to measure our customer’s perception of our performance. We will send our customers annually. We will review the results of the survey and we will be proactive and improve any deficient areas pointed out by our customers. We will measure the results of the survey. Our goal is to continuously improve our customer’s level of satisfaction.