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Zeiss Contura

Zeiss Contura G2 with Camera System

The new Zeiss Contura G2 helps hold our production to the highest standards.

This CMM includes a “Best-In-Class” RDS motorized probe holder which has the capability of reaching 20,376 positions in increments of 2.5° using styli as small as 0.3mm in diameter. In an effort to improve reliability and accuracy, the RDS is coupled with the Vast XXT probe which enables constant contact scanning.

“This is the most successful and sought after machine Carl Zeiss IMT has ever developed,” says Josef Schernthaner, Vice President of Operations at Zeiss.


To ensure that this state-of-the-art machinery is used to its full potential, we have also put our Quality Department through a rigorous 56 hour training program conducted by the Zeiss training team. Our skilled quality technicians were trained on creating, editing and executing measurement plans using Zeiss’ Calypso software. The Zeiss training included advanced data evaluation methods as well as methods for customizing the output of the data. This will ensure that the customer has confidence in our production capabilities. In addition, the training included programming methods that allow for using the scanning probe and the VISCAN camera in a single program.


We have added contract inspection of parts to our array of capabilities. Our staff can evaluate your parts, even if the part was not manufactured in our facility, using our new Zeiss Contura G2 CMM.

“The new high-tech features of the Contura G2 bring us the ability to capture substantial quantities of accurate measurement data in a shorter time while increasing our production, reliability, and quality,” says Steve Pyrc, Quality Manager.

  • All axes are equipped with 4-sided Carl Zeiss air bearings to provide more stability and very precise measurement.
  • Ceramic guideways are thermally stable— temperature fluctuations have practically no influence on the reliability of the results.
  • The C99 Controller offers Computer Aided Accuracy (CAA) for real-time dynamic correction of the CMM and sensor for very accurate results. CONTURA G2 AKTIV with the VAST XT comes equipped with the ZEISS Scanning Engine, ready for Active Scanning.
  • The optional, integrated change rack ensures high repeatability and reduces the need for recalibration.
  • The HTG (High Temperature Gradient) version provides the same accuracy for a wider range. It includes temperature sensors for the CMM and the workpiece.
  • We upgraded our machine with the ViSCAN optical probe, which makes it possible to perform touch and optical measurements with one machine. The ViSCAN optical probe is an ideal tool for non-contact measurement and analysis of more difficult to check small parts and soft work pieces.


Zeiss Contura



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