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With a proven ability to change and adapt to the job, Wolverine Machine is not afraid of new challenges. From designing a new manufacturing process or tooling, to the need for a new machine; from drawing and design to finished product, our willingness to adapt has brought us projects such as an architectural wind veil system, flooring for several area hospitals, and water jet cutting steel plates weighing 45,000 lbs. for a nuclear facility. All the while still standing true to what got us here today and that is making quality parts for the automotive industry, whether they are screw machine parts, CNC milled, CNC turned or water jet cut parts.


Energy Steel

Wolverine Machine has provided waterjet cutting and machining services to Energy Steel on a large multi-year project, as well as some smaller one-off orders. Energy Steel provides legacy replacement parts, and custom fabrication of mechanical components to the Nuclear Power Industry (exclusively). Energy Steel has adapted a Strong Safety Culture which focuses in a strict order of Safety, followed by Quality and then Production. Wolverine has proven that they understand this approach and has done well to stress the importance of what and who we supply to their workforce. They also understand that communication is key. I’m sure we will be sending much more their way in the future with confidence.

Tracy Touchette
Project Manager/Production Control
Energy Steel

Clinton Aluminum

“From a standpoint of a vendor, it has been a pleasure doing business with Billy and his crew. They’re a great company that does some pretty unique work, with what they can engineer to meet their customer’s needs, with the material they buy from Clinton Aluminum.”

Zach Hartzler
Sales Rep.
Clinton Aluminum

George P Johnson Experience Marketing

Wolverine Machine is a great team with excellent communication and execution.  One of our premier business partners on fabrication.

Ed Rowden
Project Manager
George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

AM General

It was a very pleasant visit to Wolverine Machine last week. As I passed the vintage houses on my way to the facility in Holly, Michigan, I was only more intrigued to see the plant on the inside. On the day I visited Wolverine Machine, I was there to have work performed by Wolverine’s waterjet cutting machine. Wolverine was accommodating a rush order that I had and was actually performing the cutting on the material that I had brought while I waited. Talk about service! While I waited I was given a tour by a third generation family member, President of Wolverine Machine Ken Walker. He showed me a variety of products including an inner-race sprag assembly from one of my first assignments 25 years ago.

On the tour I saw departments that ranged from old time screw machines to more modern CNC lathes and milling operations to the very up-to-date climate controlled measurement lab. Everyone at Wolverine Machine was helpful and concerned that my job passed through the Wolverine Machine facility quickly and with the highest quality. It was great doing business with Wolverine Machine and I hope to find more of my parts in their display window in the future.

Charles Joseph
Principle Engineer
AM General

Richfield Industries
We appreciate your commitment to meeting your customer requirements and your desire to work with us on required pricing which seems to drive everything these days. This may allow us to offer you more opportunities in the future.

Richard Clark
Manufacturing Manager
Richfield Industries

Sherwood Manufacturing

We have relied on Wolverine Machine’s quick response and competitive pricing for more than twenty years. Even with our sporadic part delivery requirements, Wolverine has always stepped up and met our needs.

Jerry Woods
Sherwood Manufacturing

Castle Metals

“Castle Metals has had a good working relationship with Wolverine Machine for over 40 years. Over the many decades, Wolverine Machine has been a supplier of quality screw machined and CNC machined parts to the automotive and other industries. Over recent years, Wolverine Machine is committed to the future has re-invested into new updated CNC equipment including water-jet machines. Wolverine Machine has positioned themselves to be a producer of high quality parts for years to come.”

Michael Matthews
Outside Sales
Castle Metals

U of M Solar Car Team

Dear Wolverine Machine,

I worked with your company building the Solar Car with the University of Michigan in 2013. Your waterjet services helped immensely and I can’t thank you enough for the support and timeliness you gave to the team. I enjoyed bringing T shirts to the facility and getting people excited about the car, team, and our partnership. I enjoyed very much working with you and thank you for your support over the course of many project cycles.

After all of that, I came to find out, one of my best friend’s grandfather helped start Wolverine Machine. It’s a small world!

Thank you.

Preston Strauch
University of Michigan Solar Car Team 2012-2015

Continental Interiors

“A few months ago we needed to have Nora sheet rubber flooring water-jet cut into very intricate patterns and had no idea where to get this done at. After a very exhaustive search we came across Wolverine Machine. It was explained to me that Wolverine primarily works in metal but could adapt their machines to cut rubber. They were competitive in price, the turnaround time was quick and the people that I worked with were knowledgeable and courteous. It was a pleasure to work with them and if we come across any project in the future that requires water-jet cutting, Wolverine Machine will be the first place we turn to.”

Ed Veo
Continental Interiors

Chowdur Steel Services CorpI have had the pleasure of working with Wolverine Machine over the years in many different areas. From raw material to finished part, it is nice to work with a group that truly understands the demands of the automotive industry coupled with the desire to succeed as a third generation shop. Their attention to detail from a quality perspective defines who they are and what they do. Many have fallen by the wayside over the years due to the stringent demands of the industry and offshore pressure, but Wolverine Machine seems to have the formula for success and the desire to embrace change. If you are not familiar with Wolverine Machine, I highly suggest introducing yourself.

Craig A. Lundin
Chowdur Steel Services Corp

Stokes Steel Treating

Wolverine Machine has been a customer of Stokes Steel Treating ever since I came into the Business. Stokes had a need for some very large plates to replace face plates on two of our batch heat treat furnaces. These are items that are usually made from cast steel. We were looking of a faster, quicker alternative to the cast plates. Wolverine Machine had the capability to water cut much larger pieces than we actually need. This alternative will allow us to minimize our downtime, and reduce the overall cost of materials in the process.

Robb J. Stokes
Stokes Steel Treating

Conventional Carpet

Wolverine has been excellence in service and quality I can’t think of anything you could to improve on.

Keep up the Great Work!

Have a good day.

Howard Shock
Conventional Carpet Inc.

Creative Foam

Wolverine Machine has been great supplier for our E&D group here at Creative Foam Corp. Your company does a lot of water jetting for our G.E.M.S. Damper Tiles, Flat and Radius. Your quality can not be beat. In my time, I have used four other water jet suppliers, and either by quality , communication, or price, we were never satisfied. W.M. has everything we have been looking for, and as a plus you are local for our E&D team. Always on time, most of the time earlier than quoted. Parts are always clean and boxed / packaged and labeled.

Thank you and keep up the great work,

John J Chase III
Engineering & Development Supervisor
Creative Foam Corp.

Richard Fourtier Corvettes

You’ve always done well by me, even though I’m a small customer.

Richard Fortier
Richard Fortier Corvettes, LLC

KTECH Designs

I have worked with Wolverine Machine off & on for the last several years and have always had a good experience. My partner Kerry & I recently came to them with a few new products that we were trying to bring to market in the hopes that they could help us meet our production needs and also achieve the budget goals that we had set. This needed to be achieved while not sacrificing any of the quality that our customers have come to expect. After touring their facility with Bruce & Jeff and witnessing their machining capabilities and quality control standards, it was quickly apparent that meeting our production needs would not be an issue. We were very impressed with their attention to detail & their ability to think outside of the box when it came to problem solving. When we picked up the first run of parts, it was obvious that that we had made the right decision in coming to Wolverine to meet our needs.

Wolverine Machine has surrounded itself with a staff of dedicated, hard working people that have made it their goal to meet the customer’s needs on time & in budget. They follow the projects closely from start to finish and were quick to address all of our concerns along the way. In the future, we expect Wolverine Machine to be an integral part of our business.

Eric Bidigare

MAC Valves

I started working with Wolverine Machine a few months ago. I sent them a few parts to quote and thought the results were too good to be true. I was invited for a tour of their facility. What I found was a very knowledgeable group of people who were just a joy to work with. They walked me thru the entire process and I even got to see my parts being made. I was impressed at the level of inspection given to the parts. They whole time I just couldn’t wait for the end product. What a great part. It was everything that I was promised. I am looking forward to doing business with Wolverine for many years to come.

Annette Macdonald
MAC Valves


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